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next Pirtzker would be Kengo Kuma?


Kohki Hiranuma's Osaka dental surgery

2014-9-1 16:46:32 阅读87 评论0 12014/09 Sept1

A complex arrangement of overlapping wooden joists gives a twisted roof to this dental surgery in Osaka Prefecture by Japanese studio Kohki Hiranuma Architect & Associates.

The surgery was designed by Kohki Hiranuma Architect & Associates for a vacant corner plot in a residential neighbourhood of Minoh City, to the north of central Osaka.

Local planning regulations dictated that the surgery's size and proportions should match those of the previous building to occupy the site, which was determined by examining old microfilm plans.

To achieve this, the architects created a sweeping roof that culminates in a

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Maruma House by Fernanda Canales

2014-8-25 10:12:35 阅读142 评论1 252014/08 Aug25

Rectilinear blocks of glass and concrete overlap one another at this house in Mexico City by architect Fernanda Canales.

Glazed walls have been positioned on the longer side elevations rather than at the front and back to screen the interior spaces from neighbouring properties and the adjacent street.

Concrete walls behind the glazed parts of the exterior conceal the kitchen on the ground floor, as well as bathrooms and dressing rooms on the two storeys above.

A three and half storey-high bookshelf stretches down though each of the floors and into the basement, where it is used for storing wine.

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Machi Building by UID Architects

2014-8-21 11:51:41 阅读117 评论0 212014/08 Aug21

Japanese studio UID Architects installed a mound of earth and a tree into the centre of this renovated 40-year-old townhouse in Hiroshima.

An opening in the roof brings natural light into the double-height courtyard, which is sandwiched between the living room and the bathroom on the middle floor of the house.

Architect Keisuke Maeda explains that there "were very few openings" in the walls before the renovation, so he created horizontal slices through the front and rear facades to bring in more daylight.

Timber boards line walls and ceilings throughout the house, and a new staircase

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Continuous wooden elements create treads in both upper and lower sections of this U-shaped staircase at a Mumbai apartment by Mexican studio Arquitectura en Movimiento Workshop?.

Arquitectura en Movimiento Workshop formed the sculptural staircase to join two levels of an apartment, located in a six-storey building that houses different generations of one family.

"Our client wanted this space to have a big sculpture," Patricia Perez of Arquitectura en Movimiento Workshop? told Dezeen. "It is the centre of the whole apartment, but we also needed space

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2014-8-18 9:38:44 阅读27 评论0 182014/08 Aug18

关键词:建筑 景观 城市公共交通 电梯 交通建筑 马耳他 瓦莱塔 悬崖飘梯 金属网表皮 AP  gooood

这座最新建成的20层观光电梯位于马耳他的历史悠久的筑城首都瓦莱塔的城市边缘,由业主Grand Harbour Regeneration Corporation plc授权AP(Architecture Project )设计完成。这些16世纪的古老城墙曾用来抵御海湾的敌舰,现在成为接待游客和市民的新通道。2017年,马耳他将担任欧盟轮值主席国;2018年,瓦莱塔将举办“欧洲文化之都”,古老的首都因此焕发出新的神采。



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Minimalist House by Shinichi Ogawa & Associates

2014-8-14 17:28:51 阅读68 评论0 142014/08 Aug14

This long narrow house in Okinawa, Japan, by Japanese studio Shinichi Ogawa & Associates is divided lengthways into a courtyard and living space.

Called Minimalist House, the property is surrounded by four solid walls and internally divided into three strips.

The first forms a courtyard open to the sky and is separated from the second strip by a glass plane.

This middle section contains bedroom, living room and workspace furniture in one volume.

The third space is enclosed behind a wall and contains the kitchen, utility room and bathroom.

The building is a concrete construction on a three square-metre grid.

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Warehouse by Shinichi Ogawa & Associates

2014-8-14 17:21:23 阅读88 评论0 142014/08 Aug14

Japanese architects Shinichi Ogawa & Associates have completed this house in Hiroshima, Japan, with one wall glazed in sliding panels that open onto a grassy courtyard.

Called Warehouse, the long narrow space has an open-plan interior.

Above photograph is by Yoshiyuki Yano

A free-standing structure in the double-height space houses cabinets and private rooms, while the top of the largest unit can be used as an extra floor.

Above photograph is by Yoshiyuki Yano

At night, light from the inside can be seen from the street through a frosted glass courtyard wall.

Above photograph is by Yoshiyuki Yano

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Elongated gallery and house by Shinichi Ogawa

2014-8-14 17:16:36 阅读90 评论0 142014/08 Aug14

Japanese firm Shinichi Ogawa & Associates added a glazed wall to the elongated facade of this house andgallery in Japan's Mie prefecture so the florist who owns it can look out into the forest.

The S Gallery and Residence is located close to the Suzuka mountain range in a heavily forested region, so architect Shinichi Ogawa sought to make the most of the natural surroundings to complement the client's work.

A glazed wall runs along the 18-metre-wide facade and continues around the two ends to provide uninterrupted views of the natural landscape from the gallery space located behind it.

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Conan House by Moon Hoon

2014-8-11 11:52:19 阅读70 评论0 112014/08 Aug11

South Korean architect Moon Hoon designed this home with missing corners for a figurine collector and his family.

Moon Hoon designed the house for an empty plot beside a lake in Bangdong, an area of South Korea popular with tourists.

"The vacant site seemed to invite some kind of a sculptural object, unhindered by its neighbours, standing rather conspicuously," said the architect.

Polygonal facades are created by slicing the corners off a narrow cuboid. On each wall these outlines are repeatedly scaled down and recessed until they form windows in the centre.

Conan House, which translates as Toy House, was

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Ginan House by Keitaro Muto Architects

2014-8-4 10:43:07 阅读130 评论0 42014/08 Aug4

Gravel coats the exterior of this house in Japan by Keitaro Muto Architects, including a wedge-shaped block with outward sloping walls.

Named Ginan House, the two-storey residence is located at the back of a long and narrow site, behind a gravel garden that separates it from the street.

A small swimming pool is tucked into a recess in the facade, marking the divide between the two overlapping blocks that comprise the building.

Sloping walls continue inside the house and separate the two bedrooms and staircase in one block from a third bedroom and a living and dining room in the other.

A walk-in-closet

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new shots by British photographers Hufton + Crow document the seven extraordinary bus shelters created in a tiny Austrian village by architects including Sou Fujimoto, Smiljan Radi? and Wang Shu.

Br?nden bus stop by Sou Fujimoto

The Bus:Stop project was initiated to help boost tourism in Krumbach, a picturesque village within the once-forested Bregenzerwald district, as well as to foster an exchange of ideas with local craftspeople.

Glatzegg bus stop by Wang Shu and Lu Wenyu of Amateur Architecture Studio

Seven architects – also including Norwegian studio RintalaEggertsson Architects, Ensamble Studio from Spain, Architecten de Vylder Vinck Taillieu

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A London house extension by Studio Gil

2014-7-29 16:42:58 阅读166 评论1 292014/07 July29

Studio Gil used a combination of exposed concrete and reclaimed iroko wood to unite the interior of this extension to a Victorian terraced house in east London with its redeveloped garden.

London-based Studio Gil was asked by a retired school teacher and her family to renovate their home, located within a conservation area, and extend it to provide some extra space.

A previous half-width, single-storey extension at the rear of the house was demolished to make way for a full-width addition that contains a new kitchen and dining room.

Having worked with concrete on several previous projects, particularly

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Crescent House by Andrew Burns

2014-7-29 16:23:27 阅读136 评论0 292014/07 July29

Australian architect Andrew Burns has installed a charred timber pavilion with deceptively curved walls in the garden of the Sherman Contemporary Art Foundation in Paddington, Sydney .

Australian architect Andrew Burns has installed a charred timber pavilion with deceptively curved walls in the garden of the Sherman Contemporary Art Foundation in Paddington, Sydney.

Named Crescent House, the structure was designed by Andrew Burns with a symmetrical geometry that comprises two intersecting arcs within a rectangular frame.

Visitors are invited to follow the curve of the walls to a secluded space at the pavilion's

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house in jingumae by panda

2014-7-2 14:18:06 阅读178 评论1 22014/07 July2

Tokyo studio PANDA has slotted a boxy family house onto a plot hemmed in by other residences on all four sides.

PANDA was tasked with creating a house that could open up to the outdoors, despite being located on a site within a dense residential district near Omotesando, south-west Tokyo, that is so awkward it had been left vacant for 10 years.

"The client's request was to incorporate natural elements in the house while keeping privacy, which, we believe, is the most popular and universal request by clients of urban houses," explained studio principal Kozo Yamamoto

Named House in Jingumae, the property is only

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products made from hair by Studio Swine extends

2014-7-2 10:53:37 阅读73 评论0 22014/07 July2

<iframe src="//player.vimeo.com/video/98210665" width="500" height="281" webkitallowfullscreen mozallowfullscreen allowfullscreen></iframe>

Azusa Murakami and Alexander Groves of Studio Swine have revisited the process they developed to make optical frames from human hair to create a new range of accessories.

Studio Swine developed a technique to infuse hair in natural resin as an alternative to wood while studying at London's Royal College of Art.

Related story:

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