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next Pirtzker would be Kengo Kuma?




Kew House by Piercy & Company

2014-4-22 10:07:54 阅读47 评论0 222014/04 Apr22

Architecture studio Piercy & Company has slotted a family house behind a nineteenth-century stable facade in south-west London, creating a pair of rusted gable walls with a glazed stairwell in between.

Located within a conservation zone near Kew Gardens, the three-storey Kew House was designed by London studio Piercy & Company to respect the scale and massing of its historic surroundings, but also create a generous modern home for a family.

To achieve this, the architect retained the ageing stable wall at the front of the property, then replicated its shape to create a pair of matching two-storey wings behind.

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2014-4-14 10:01:14 阅读3 评论0 142014/04 Apr14

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BIG的BOSS--Bjarke Ingels解释道:“对Arta的构想定位是两种传统文化类型的杂交,即从黑盒子到白立方的大跨度过渡。游客在这截然不同的两极之间将体验到各种艺术与电影的混合感受,从单一绝对的关注点转变为整体融合感。”


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Villa at Sengokubara by Shigeru Ban(坂茂)

2014-4-14 9:59:04 阅读44 评论0 142014/04 Apr14

This timber house in Kanagawa by Japanese architect Shigeru Ban has a square plan with a teardrop-shaped courtyard at its centre.

Shigeru Ban planned the single-storey Villa at Sengokubara with a radial arrangement, creating a sequence of rooms that each face inwards towards the central courtyard.

The roof of the house angles gently inward, creating a canopy around the perimeter of the courtyard, and it varies in height to create lower ceilings at the building's entrance.

Timber columns and roof joists are exposed inside the building, and line the ceilings and rear walls of every room.

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XAN House by MAPA

2014-4-11 14:28:52 阅读38 评论0 112014/04 Apr11

An austere concrete wall screens the transparent lower floor of this house in southern Brazil, while the overhanging upper storey is masked behind a layer of timber slats (photos by Leonardo Finotti).

Designed by MAPA, an architecture collective based in Brazil and Uruguay, XAN House is a summer residence located near the beach in Xangrilá, a small town south of Porto Alegre.

The ground floor is dedicated to the family's communal activities while the upstairs level contains bedrooms, and the architects chose to highlight this difference through the use of different external materials.

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architecture school entrance by Aires Mateus

2014-4-11 11:17:18 阅读22 评论0 112014/04 Apr11

Portuguese brothers Manuel and Francisco Aires Mateus have won a competition to design a new school of architecture in the Belgian city of Tournai, with plans for a complex featuring a house-shaped entrance void.

Lisbon-based Aires Mateus saw off competition from Belgian studio Robbrecht & Daem and French firm Lacaton & Vassal to win the commission to create a 7000-square-metre architecture faculty for 600 students at the 

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"virtually indestructible" by Tom Kundig

2014-4-11 10:01:12 阅读64 评论1 112014/04 Apr11

This weekend cabin in a Washington national park, by Seattle architect Tom Kundig, features a protective steel exterior that slides across its windows and a floor raised up on stilts to prevent flooding.

Sol Duc Cabin was named as one of the ten recipients of the American Institute of Architects' 2014 Housing Awards earlier this week. Completed in 2011, it provides a rural retreat for a couple who take regular fishing expeditions in the Olympic National Park.

Kundig, principal designer at

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curve tunnel house by Makiko Tsukada

2014-4-10 10:01:04 阅读47 评论1 102014/04 Apr10

A concrete tunnel slices through the base of this Tokyo house by Japanese architect Makiko Tsukada, creating a round hole in the facade that reveals the underside of a staircase.

Makiko Tsukada designed Tunnel House for a site facing a T-junction, so her concept was to produce a form that appears as a continuation of the road. The result is a curving container that cuts through the entire ground floor.

"Our design intention is to provide a visual extension of the street on the site so that it creates a virtual crossroads," said Tsukada.

The rest of the house is planned around the tunnel, creating a series

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Community library in China by University of Hong Kong

2014-4-9 15:53:38 阅读59 评论0 92014/04 Apr9

Children can clamber onto the curved roof of this community library in China, which architects John Lin and Olivier Ottevaere designed for an earthquake-damaged village in Yunnan Province

Ottevaere and Lin led a team from the University of Hong Kong to design The Pinch, a library and community centre built as part of a government reconstruction following the 2012 Yunnan earthquakes.

Situated in the mountain village of Shuanghe in south-west China, the library and surrounding plaza offers a meeting place for local residents, as well as a space where children can play and read.

"Villages in China often prioritise building

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Irish architects O'Donnell + Tuomey mapped sight lines along the narrow streets of the London School of Economics campus to generate the faceted red brick structure of the university's new student centre.

The Saw Swee Hock Student Centre consolidates all of the university's student facilities under one roof at the LSE's historic Aldwych campus. Designed by architects Sheila O'Donnell and John Tuomey, the seven-storey-high building has an irregular faceted shape informed by the angular geometries of its site and surroundings.

Walls angle inwards along the eastern facade

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Tokyo house by Atelier Tekuto withskylight designed to "frame the sky"

2014-3-27 16:53:06 阅读72 评论1 272014/03 Mar27

This Tokyo house by Japanese office Atelier Tekuto features a huge triangular window that angles up over the rooftops of surrounding houses to bring daylight in from above.

The four-storey house is located within one of the city's many dense residential areas, so Atelier Tekuto tried to make the most of natural light by framing a view of the sky and clouds, hence the project title Framing the Sky.

"We realise that skylights are the most important openings in urban houses," said the architects. "It is because the sky is the only element of nature left in the urban context, and the skylight serves as an interface between people and nature."

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Plastic Moon (牙医诊所) by Norisada Maeda Atelier

2014-3-27 15:38:37 阅读30 评论0 272014/03 Mar27

Japanese architects Norisada Maeda Atelier have completed a house that includes a dental practice and swimming pool in Tokyo, Japan.

Called Plastic Moon, the building is wrapped in three white bands covered in circular tiles.

The ground floor accommodates the owner's dental practice with a separate door forming the entrance to the home.

A kitchen and swimming pool are located on the top floor.

Plans coming soon...

Photographs are by T. Sobajima.

Here's a little text from the architects (and a lot of pictures):


Plastic Moon

Here metal molding forms have been translated into architecture shaping a smooth outside shell while forming gardens, rooms and furniture on the inside.

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2014-3-27 14:23:27 阅读8 评论0 272014/03 Mar27



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On The Corner by EASTERN Design Office

2014-3-27 12:19:09 阅读47 评论0 272014/03 Mar27

Here's an extremely pointy apartment block by Japanese architects EASTERN Design Office.

The four-storey block with a blue facade, named On The Corner, is located in the Shiga Prefecture, Japan, and occupies a triangular slice of land.

Squares of stone, concrete, glass and glass blocks create a patchwork of materials on the building’s exterior.

Seven apartments are housed within the block, each with one bedroom and an open-plan living room.

Pointed terraces are provided in the building’s most acutely angled corner.

EASTERN Design Office have designed a number of residential buildings,

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Keyhole House by EASTERN Design Office

2014-3-27 11:46:41 阅读33 评论0 272014/03 Mar27

Japanese architects EASTERN Design Office tend to design houses with unconventional windows. Here's their latest one in Kyoto.

The L-shaped glazing that punctures the facade of the residence creates an illuminated frame around the entrance.

Sumi ink stains the rendered exterior of the house, creating a dark outline around the front elevation.

This ink colours the entire exposed side wall, which features a series of square windows at staggered heights.

Aspects of the building are highlighted in red and pink, including the front door and a thin exterior canopy.

A ledge below the first floor ceiling

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Wooden strips coil around staircaseat Strasbourg hotel by Jouin Manku

2014-3-27 11:24:51 阅读92 评论0 272014/03 Mar27

A spiral of wooden strips surrounds a staircase in the restaurant of this Strasbourg hotel, designed inside a former equestrian academy by Paris studio Jouin Manku.

Patrick Jouin and Sanjit Manku of Jouin Manku overhauled the eighteenth-century building that previously functioned as the royal stud to create the 55-room Les Haras de Strasbourg hotel and adjoining restaurant.

"The interior design for the hotel and brasserie is characterised by its authenticity and modernity," said the designers. "A particular idea of luxury and comfort inspired by the equestrian world, restrained and subtle."

Oak elements encircle the curving staircase linking the two floors of the brasserie,

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